Friday, July 27, 2007

Some commentary

So, I'm sure many of you (all twelve of you who read my blog) by now know about the two helicopter collision in Phoenix, AZ. Tragic, almost. I say this for a few reasons, and we're to blame as a society. By the way, I love my wife - she's the best ever.

Some guy in a flatbed truck runs a traffic stop. Suddenly, live coverage usurps the normal programming, and all the networks are scrambling for the scoop. When did a person fleeing the police become so important? The guys with automatic weapons in LA a few years ago, yes, because it was a matter of public safety. But be real, some loser in a flatbed truck? Not really. Hardly, actually.

So we're to blame because we let the networks sell us on the premise this is important. It's not. It has no bearing on our lives whatsoever. Yet many of us want to watch the drama unfold. So, knowing the ratings bonanza this type of event can be, it shows up on our tvs.

So two news choppers collide, four people are killed, and the Phoenix police state that the driver of the truck might be charged because of his involvement. What?!!!??!! In no way is he culpable. Did he force the pilots to risk their lives? Or the photographers? No. The station managers and the viewing public are to blame. Give the driver the proper charges for what he did, but someone needs to draw a line.

If the public would complian when crap like this is broadcast (remember the OJ slow speed chase?) and the stations saw their ratings go down, they wouldn't broadcast this junk. But too many ignoramuses (or is it ignorami?) like it. Guess what? You just killed 4 people, you mindless lemmings. I hope liked the show.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Things are really hotting up

Work's good, the weather is finally drying out down here, and I'm slowly getting my carcass into shape. I've got all kinds of things to say about politics, etc, but screw that. We all have our opinions, and we all can't agree. Same with the enviroment. Oh, and shame on Subaru touting themselves as big enviromentalists. In order to avoid having to inmprove the mileage of their cars to avoid EPA fines, they somehow conned the EPa into letting their cars all be considered light trucks or SUVs. This way they meet minimum mileage requirements without doing anything about it. Way to go, just change your category, not improve the vehicle, thus it's still sucking down resources.

Other than that, I raced in Dallas a week ago at the State Fairgrounds. Pretty neat, as we were about the only people there, so it felt like a weird abandoned city. It was also crazy hot. Like over 100 in the sun, and no rain for the first time in weeks. I did two races, and somehow got 18th in both. Go figure. anyway, time to get in shape for the state championships this weekend in Lufkin. Hope I stay upright, then I'll worry about a good result. Here are somepics from last week.