Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So I'm thinking I need to put up a more recent pic of me for this thing...

and that I change my profile info to reflect where I truly am. but that's for another time.

So what have I been up to? Well, learning my way around Austin, looking for work, riding some, getting my butt kicked in a race, fun stuff like that. Lost and I saw the bats the other night (really cool), I ate a Thundercloud sub (yummy), and that's about it. We rode Monday night together as well as Friday night. My theory of her getting flat tires is that there is quite a bit of debris out here along the roads, and unless you ride close to the white line, you end up hitting a lot of it. This is of course, a comfort thing, and having grown up in the northeast where shoulders don't exist, I'm fine with being close to or on the white line. Lost has only started riding, and she isn't comfortable that close to traffic yet.

But Monday night we went riding on some lesser used roads and in some neighborhoods, and she did great. Even took a sip out of her water bottle while riding!!! Woohoo!!! So the transformation begins. Soon she'll be riding no hands and fishing food out of her jersey pockets like a pro!

Last night I went to the Tuesday Nighter, full of confidence after my 5th place last week. This week we had probably twice as many racing, so it was going to be more unpredictable. For the first lap I rode my characteristic strong, aggressive race, never getting too far back, and making sure the pace was high. Then, into the secong of three 9 mile laps, as we headed up the big hill, I lost it. We like to say every race has a crucial two minutes, and it was at that time that I had a bad three minutes. My stomach was feeling unsettled for quite some time, so I wasn't drinking, and it was really dry here. All that adds up to me not drinking enough and getting sick.

I finished the race, and still had a good ride, but my stomach felt awful. All night I wasn't feeling great, and only in the last hour have I felt ok enough to consider venturing out. No bike today. Just some easy rides if anything until Friday. I think reading or dreaming of riding while at the pool sounds better...

But the good news is I found out about a criterium series here in Austin every Thursday night!! I can do 2 races for $20 on some new go kart track. Very flat, fast and cool. Now I just need to learn where it is. Found directions, but since I have no idea where anything is, well you get the idea.

I think it's time to go check out some local hobby shops, as I am quite the train and model geek. Still have about 30 model cars to build at my parent's house...

Well, I might just go to the pool. It's closer and easier to get to as I know where it is...LOL!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Yup. My race was postponed due to some type of activity at Ft Hood. Well, it's supposed to be run in the fall, so that gives me more time to get ready. Soooo, now my next race might be hours away in a month. Then maybe the state time trial championships a week later. Oh, joy, I get to see how hard I can push myself until my peripheral vision begins to flash...for 40 kilometers.

What else? Welllllllll, Lost and I have been doing all kinds of fun stuff. Grocery shopping, eating, sleeping, shopping for clothes for me because she's embarassed by my unique style. Or more accurately, embarassed to be seen with me and my style... and we're playing Slub Bug with both classic and new Bugs, plus Chevy Malibu Max's. That takes way longer to explain.

That is really about it. I've been riding quite a bit, and my latest way of doing it is to briefly look at a map, making sure to not note the scale so I have no real idea how far anything is and head out. I promptly forget most of what I saw on the map, get lost about 25 miles into the ride, and try to find my way home navigating by the sun and time of day. So far it's worked pretty well.

Thursday I rode forever and eventually crossed the Colorado river (though not in Colorado) and went by some dam called Mansfield Dam. I remember that because it was neat, and well, I like Jayne Mansfield, and though there's no connection, when you're at the level of mental incoherence I was at the time, it makes sense to your mind then. Much like that last sentence.

Well, time for bed on my new pillow I bought !!!! Yeehaaaa!!!! No, really I mean yay!!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hmm, my last post didn't

Real quickly, my last post was not posted for some reason. Anyway, I'm in Austin. So far it's way better than I ever thought it could be in every way. I'm still unpacking and getting used to my surroundings, but other than that, I feel like I've been here before. It's a really comfortable place for me. So far, but if you're not uncomfortable in the beginning, I doubt it'll become so.

So I've gotten out on my bike a few times. Nothing like finding your way around by trial and error. On a bike. On a hot and muggy day. Well, hot to me, anyway. But I went to a training race today, and though traffic kept me from getting there on time, I was able to go out on the course and let the race catch up to me. It was quite a fun race. I love the course, it suits me perfectly, and I ended up 5th. With the lack of miles in my legs it was a good confidence builder. especially when the other guys were like "let the guy on the green bike chase him down" every time an attack went up the road. I put a few good ones in, too. I'll be there next week, and all the Tuesdays thereafter.

Lost has been amazing, as always. I guess there are some of us lucky to live fairytales once in awhile. And tomorrow's my birthday. Yay!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Please, let me enjoy this

It finally arrived, today Steph got here and now we can be together forever. Dorky sounding, I know, but hey, it's my blog. Anyway, so far it's going well, and tomorrow we get to spend some time by ourselves (from my family, that is) and most likely will head to the beach. Or pool. Or somewhere.

I could go on and on, but let's just say I keep thinking it's all a dream. What's more like a nightmare is the fun I've had trying to get parts for my roofrack. I used a trunk rack to get my bikes down here, but it was a stopgap measure. So, I decided I wanted to use a roofrack in the garage, but it's designed for bikes with rain gutters, and my new car has none. So I spent quite a bit of time looking online and locally for what I needed from Thule. Of course, no one had a major part I needed, so this morning before I went to pick up my love, I ordered and paid for expedited shipping from aplace that actually had everything in stock. Now it's supposed to get her Friday sometime, and we're leaving Saturday early. Ugh.

I rode Mon, but that's it. It was about 95 and windy, so my ride wasn't too long, about two large bottles worth of gatorade. But I rode well, and my ankle is finally healed so I was able to really go hard for a bit. Sometime on Sun we should be rolling into Austin, and I can't wait. Well, that's it.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Phase Two has begun

Well, I'm in Hilton Head, SC at my parent's house. Left Friday night at 1230 (really Sat morning) made it to just north of Harrisburg, PA by 530 through the rain and fog, and slept in the car for about 5 hours. Woke up, and drove the rest of the way. Got here at about 930pm. What a long, tiring drag of a drive. Especially since I had two bikes on the back of the car on a trunk rack (which I hate using) a cargo bubble thing on top, and the car filled to the gills. My seat had one position: where it was, no room to recline it any more, so I had to mess with the lumbar settings to be able to keep my back somewhat happy.

Now I need to unload the car, go over my bikes, do some projects around the house here and try to ride some, as I'm hoping to do the TX road race championships on the 25th. Of course my race starts at 2pm, so it'll be nice and hot for me at Ft Hood. Nothing like baptism by fire. And, Wed my sweetie comes and I'm so happy!!!!! Not sure when my next time to post will be, so have fun until then.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Change of plans, which sucks

Well, I'm heading to SC on Friday, because my mom guilted me into it. I'm NOT racing on Sat in New Britain, CT. You have no idea how much this bums me out. I am sure I'd have been ranked first in NY for my category on points, which would have let me upgrade when I got to TX. I am pretty sure I'd have even cracked the top 50 nationwide. But my mom was upset I was going to drive from up here in MA at my sister's house to Kingston to close out my bank accounts and get my last pay from my old job and drive back. Then race on Sat and drive back to Kingston to load up, spend the night at my brother's place, and get on my way Sun.

Basically she threatened to not let my sweetie stay at the house if I didn't come down and help them with some projects around the house, because they're stupid and my mom's way too nitpicky. No one can ever do a job well enough for her, and since I don't have to make a living at putting in molding and painting trim, I have the time to do it her way, or so she thinks. Bottom line is this: I'll do whatever projects she has in mind, but if they're not ready to go when I get there, they're off the list. Plus, I need to make up for not riding since Hartford a week and a half ago.

This is because I've been busy moving, but also was part of my plan for the race this coming weekend. Of course, I was also planning on training starting Monday, which hasn't happened. So if I want to do the TX state championships on 6/25, I am not going to waste my time unless I have the form, and that means many miles in my legs. Argh!!!

That is it, kids.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

T minus

Yep, almost out of NY. Yay!!!!! Monsay I pick up my new car (for me) a 98 Honda Accord 2 dr coupe. I'm very excited. I just have to figure out how to squeeze all my stuff into my car and my parent's car...

Let's see, right now I'm on my niece's bedroom floor using my brother's wireless internet to use my computer. Ah, the life of a gypsy. So what is the latest? In a nutshell, got out of the crazed housemate's place ok. My cats are staying with my brother's family unless my one niece has an allergic reaction, but it's been 4 days and nothing so far. I'm very happy about that.

I raced last Sunday in Hartford, CT at Bushnell Park. A block from the capitol building. Hot, but not humid, and a perfect day. With my lack of training because of that pesky left ankle, I was hoping to not embarass myself. I mean, my dad came along, so I wanted to do a respectable race. The first race was a 30 plus master's race. Ugh it was fast. We averaged 27 mph, but when you have a bunch of ex pros and a former 2 time national collegiate champion what should I have expected? Anyway, I was doing ok, but I wasn't feeling great. In fact, I was feeling pretty blah. It wasn't until 8 laps to go that I was able to get a drink from my bottle. Then I went from hanging at the back in the last 10 (out of 102 starters) to moving up towards the front.

Well, I did what I could and when it finished I was 45th out of 90 finishers. Not too shabby. Plus I was 6th in my category. I waited a few hours more and did my second race of the day, squaring off against my former team. I rode really well, with my dad yelling "Go Bandycoot" each lap. About halfway through there was a crash in the first corner in front of me, and I ran into a bike that was down, which ended up with me doing a front wheel stand and then falling onto a guy and two bikes to my right. I got up, ran to the pits, and rejoined the race after my free lap. I rode really well, and even though a crash in the last lap messed up my plan for the finish, I got 22nd. Which had me beat all of my former team except for one. He got 17th. Well, off to the Nutmeg Games in New Britain CT next Sat, then the trip to TX begins.