Thursday, June 19, 2008

People, gather round!!!!!!

So a coworker (and dare I say it, a friend as crazy as I) and I were talking today. We were joking around, and bandied about the idea of me just getting up on a mailbox or streetlight pole and yammering away. Like in the days of yore in the English Empire. I'll talk about whatever I want to, but it has to be pertinent. Maybe the same time, every week, at the same place. I'll make speeches like you hear in the House of Lords and Commons in England on C-Span. Yes, I really watch it, and look forward to it.

"People gather around!!! We are in dark times, but not the hour of darkness, nor our darkest hour. It is merely the darkest of hours before the dawn. The light is fast approaching, and we shall head into the light!! The price of gas isn't going to break us, it is us continuing to pay the prices asked of us that will break us!! Don't let yourself be broken!!! Don't blame the oil companies, blame yourself!!! Give them hell, I say. Give them hell!"

"All great empires have collapsed from within. Rome, Greece, Persia, China. Look within yourselves and ask these simple questions. Why have I stopped caring about my country, my fellow man, my world? Why is it that my way is more important than the good of others?"

Not like I really said much, but the style in which these words are delivered would define their impact. So think about that. It's how you deliver the thoughts, not the thoughts themselves.

Lastly, I was away on vacation, but needed to mention Father's Day. I hope all of you have a good relationship with your fathers. I'm more impressed with mine the more I learn about him. So happy belated Father's Day, to all the fathers out there.