Sunday, September 10, 2006

Five years On

Where were you on 9/11? I was 95 miles north, in Kingston, NY. A friend's brother was in the Pentagon when it got hit. I knew a person in the WTC who was killed. Everyone from my area knew at least someone who was.

Why did it happen? Well, there are many reasons as well as theories. Basically, it was a long list of factors. No one is entirely to blame, no one is free of blame. The CIA was hunting terrorists in the 90's, especially after the embassy bombings in Africa. Then the funding was cut, and the programs died. More of the same followed.

I think it's unreasonable for the American public to think that we do and should follow the rules when we have terror suspects in custody. I mean, if someone is captured in a firefight with US forces, and has tapes and letters connecting them to a terrorist organization, then why not torture them? They'd do the same to us. You need to bring a gun to a knife fight is all I'm saying.

Oh, and to anyone who thinks we didn't shoot down the plane over PA, examine the evidence. Find out what happens when a plane depressurizes quickly, or ask yourself how an F-16 couldn't get to the plane in time from the DC area after it was scrambled. Do the math, and then read the phone transcripts from the passengers who called the ground. Connect it all together and ask yourself what happened. An F-16 at nearly full throttle could easily have vectored in.

However, what have we learned? This is becoming a religious war. It will take generations to end if the hatred can be bred out. Don't hold your breath.


Bearette24 said...

i was actually interviewing for a summer law job. i ended up being the only interview for the firm that day (although they had others scheduled). when i went home, i wondered why the subway was so crowded on a tuesday mid-morning. then i got home and d was watching the tv. it didn't look real.

LostInTX said...

I was a police officer at the time and working the "click it or ticket" campaign. Someone called me on my cell to tell me and I drove to my apartment. I didn't understand... It didn't hit me. I went back to work and then went to the station when someone called me again to tell me the 2nd tower had just been hit. I went to the station and we all just stood around in silence and watched them fall. In the police station, surrounded by fellow officers, in uniform, I cried.