Friday, January 26, 2007

Here's some excitement

So, the other day I was with my lovely wife house/pet sitting and where we were had a scale in the bathroom. I love scales, as well as flashlights and a myriad of other mostly workaday items. Well, we don't have a scale. So you guessed it, I hopped on. You'd think my weight at about 6 feet and being a cyclist would be low. How little you know...

First, I hadn't ridden too much since early December. Of course, I kept eating. Well, since the suspense is well, not really there, I'll let you hear it. I weighed 195 lbs!!!! Without shoes! I knew getting married and eating in Austin would be a challenge to keep off the weight, but ouch!! I weighed 168 when I left NY. I weighed about 170 when I arrived here.

So, here's the news. I'm determined to get down to my racing weight again. Why do you care? Actually, you don't have to. The genius (if it can be called that) is that since I put this info out in public, I'll be motivated to work at it. What if someone meets me and goes, hmmm, "Yo tubbo, I thought you were trying to lose weight like your blog said."? This is assuming anyone actually
A) Reads my blog
B) Meets me in person. Pretty unlikely. However, my job is expecting to see me do better than last year. Well, everyone is bugging me about it, not like my job depends on it or anything.

So, in the spirit of trying to get into race shape, I rode almost 30 miles today. This was actually the shortest first ride of a year in my life, however I did alter my position (how high the seat is, handlebar height, etc) so that took some time and I had to take it easy while my body adjusts.

Since I don't do anything half heartedly, I'm also signed up for the Tour of New Braunfels stage race in a week. Three races in 2 days. That's right, I'm going to race myself into shape. Actually, I'm using it as a basis to see what I need to work on (everything) and to set a benchmark.

Lastly, I hope everyone's new year is starting off well. So far I'm loving it.


Tai said...

I read your blog!
Don't know a thing about bike racing though.

Good luck with the 'self-improvment'.

(Somehow, I doubt if I ever met you I would say "Yo tubbo...." Could be 'cus I'm Canadian!)

Belle said...

"...eating in Austin would be a challenge to keep off the weight,"

I TOTALLY agree! This has been the biggest challenge for me. Since I got to UT the thing with all my friends has always been "let's go get queso and margaritas," or "let's go out to eat at -insert name of really awesome hole in the wall Mexican food place here-" and over the last three and a half years I've become, well, a little "untoned." I like your idea of motivating yourself through talking about it on your blog...I might try that myself!

Capybaras United said...

Stay away from that queso! :-)

blackcrag said...

OK, 195 with clothes on is maybe 180-185 without. So it isn't the near 30 lbs gain you think. It's actually less then 20 lbs.

Losing 20 lbs is an easily realizable goal. When I ran competitively, I ran as hard during practice as I did for a race, so I am with you on racing yourself into shape.

Why did you change your position? Did you have to make more room for your gut?