Saturday, May 26, 2007


I'm packing to go away for a while. See the relatives, do some racing, etc. Four crits in a day. I hope I don't embarass myself. Especially since my parents will be there.

So while I was packing I was thinking of the meaning of Memorial Day weekend. It's a time to reflect and thank those who gave their lives for us, and had the courage to do so. But what other types of courage are there? Who's courageous?

Lance is courageous, he fought cancer and many other battles and won. But my vote goes to Michael J Fox. He's battling a disease which as of yet has no cure, he is all there mentally, but he's helpless as he sees himself slipping away. Yet he keeps working when he can, generating awareness, fundraising. That's courage. Facing certain death, barring a miracle, and still fighting with all you have.

Davis Phinney is another. I saw an interview with him about a month or so ago after he did a fundraiser in Central Park. My first impression was how sad it was to see him fighting to control his head and speech and arms. Then I realized it wasn't sad, it was great on an epic scale. He was on national tv, laying it all out there, no hiding, no fear of what people would think. Courage.

All these guys have is hope, and they refuse to let it go. I look at these individuals and I think "Wow, I really don't have any problems, do I?". What am I whining about? Michael J Fox and Davis Phinney are leading by example, without much realistic hope of being cured, and that's courageous.

I once said "There's a fine line between courage and stupidity, and I often straddle it." Maybe that's true, maybe not. I'm here today because of the courage and selflessness of others. Memorial Day is about my friends I'll never see again for me. It used to be a day off, time for fun, but it's personal now. At some point I'll take a few minutes for my memories.

Happy Memorial Day, take a second to reflect on what it's all about, and enjoy what that has brought you.


alice said...

Great post. I am reading Michael J Fox's book Lucy Man now. What a great man he is, a true inspiration.

David Amulet said...

A great post indeed. Fight the good fight!

-- david