Friday, August 10, 2007

Resolution, but nothing is any clearer

Finally UPS paid me for my bike. It's over with. Now off to order new goodies. On the cycling front, things aren't great, but not bad. I got third in the TX State Criterium Championships a few weeks ago, so I have a bronze medal. I'm happy with that. Mostly.

Motivated by that performance, I began to seriously train for the state time trial campionships. Pretty simple. 1 person at a time every 30 seconds, and whoever covers a given course the fastest wins. I had to ride a 40kilometer course, roughly 25 miles. 20k out, turn around, then 20k back.

I took this the most seriously of all my races so far, and it showed. With only about 2 weeks of serious training, and only 2 rides on my bike in the time trial setup, (I had what we refer to clip on aero bars on), I got 23rd of 42 in my category.

This may not sound great, but think of it like this. I wanted to be done in about an hour. I did it in 1hr 2min, averaging slightly over 24mph, with extreme humidity and heat. (We were about 25 miles west of Houston) At the turnaround I had covered the first 20k in 29 minutes, right on target. Towards the end the wind got me some, but that's ok.

Now I know the course, what I need to do, and there's next year.

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