Thursday, December 20, 2007

And so it begins

I took a few hours the other day to start the rebuild of my new car. Of course, first I had to get it over to where I'm going to be working on it. That involved renting a tow dolly, etc. It went well, except for me not being able to push the car off the dolly. I ended up chocking the rear wheels and then slowly driving forward. Then it was a matter of easing the car down the rest of the ramps with the emergency brake.

I was able to make a good list of what needs to be done, and even bgan some work. Things are mostly as I thought or better, so I'm excited. I even got the engine to cough to life for a few seconds without really trying. That's a very good sign. Here are some more pics. I see the diamond in the rough.

I also still have the state cyclocross championships in a few weeks. I'll be happy with a top 10. Oh, and that Samantha, our silly cat. She thinks she runs the house. Dreamer.

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blackcrag said...

OK, looks good. Not that I know what I'm looking at (yes, I know it's a car, an engine, etc.) but it looks good now and I'm sure it will look great once you're done. Have fun with it.

Wishing you (and your wife, LostinTX) a very Merry Christmas, and hoping all good things happen for you next year.