Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chills, car progress, and project managers

This is chilling. A woman laughs at what her friend says when she called him from jail about her killing a cyclist.

I don't get it sometimes, but I guess not all people are beyond the troglodyte stage of evolution.

On a much happier note, race season starts soon, but I need to begin the long process of getting in shape. I'm better this year than last, as at least I've ridden over the winter instead of taking 2 months off completely. Plus, this year I'm going to become an official, so I can help run the races and score them, etc.

The work on my Triumph is going well, just that it's been cold here, and I was really sick for a week when the weather was good. Of course. Right now I have basically gutted the interior, other than the dashboard and passenger door panel. I brought home the clutch and brake master cylinders to hopefully rebuild them, depending on condition. I guess the next step will be the electrical system since I have nothing in the way right now. Thankfully, everything but the horn and washer pump work, so with some cleaning and love, I'm optimistic.

After that it's on to the suspension, at which point it'll be made ambulatory again. Then we cross our fingers that it passes inspection, then heads to the body shop for paint. Last step is the interior again, all new and pretty. It's a log way away, but I can see the finished product right now.

As always, we have two pics of the project managers, Samantha and Harley, doing what they do best. Sleeping on their bed. Oddly enough, they don't try to get onto it at the same time very often.

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David Amulet said...

That laughter is sick indeed. I just don't get that point of view.

-- david