Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I definitely am not anemic right now

This week I'm definitely stocking up on irony. I'm sure it's pretty apparent I love ironic situations. So let's feast on this bit of fun.

Nigella Lawson has been on the tele for quite some time, and as time goes on, she's gained weight. This is pretty normal as our metabolism slows down with age. So why are many fans and Food Network people upset with this? I mean, Nigella hosts a show that's all about making and eating food that's nowhere near calorically low. It's what the show is about.

Let's put this into perspective. Americans are one of the more out of shape populations in the world. Why should we care if a British tv cook has gained weight? No projection there, I'm sure. Besides, Nigella has never been small. So maybe if we enjoyed the tele, and paid attention to real life more, we'd be in better shape. In all meanings of the phrase.

And let's be honest, not everyone watches Nigella for the food.

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blackcrag said...

I don't watch Nigella for the food. Her recipes move to fast to get memorize them. though I occasionally pick up a technique here or there.

I watch her because I love her voice. Slightly saucy, mellow, cultured, a bit fun... she has an incredibly sexy voice.