Monday, August 18, 2008

Lithium Ion

I've been recharging, refitting, and getting ready. I hope like a lithium ion battery I'm brighter than the earlier version. Or more intense. It's been a bit of a doldrums for me and writing for the last several months. Finally, I feel like I'm hitting stride.

I've had a year of modest satisfaction on my bike. For the work I've done, I have actually done well. If I put in more effort, but I didn't so why wax philosophical? My Triumph Spitfire rebuild is behind schedule, but I do have a goal, and if I work hard it might be running soon. Maybe not well, but at least running.

But I've got other things on my plate. I built up a cyclocross bike for a friend of mine, and he's totally stoked and happy with the result. Now I'm in the process of building mine back up, and hopefully starting next week I'll be hitting a local park to get my off road abilities back up to par. Not hard, since they're minimal.

We all have times when things get stale. David Amulet's awesome blog never showed it, but he mentioned he was tired of posting. Fair enough. Look at how much I slacked this last year. But no more. I'm looking forward to devoting time each week for the things I enjoy.

So look for more rambling posts from me. I won't comment on the Olympics, other than the fact they're elitist and racist. And sport selection and deselection is another post entirely. So I've already contradicted myself.

Excellent! I'm back, and to quote my favorite show's motto "Ambitious but Rubbish!!!" will be my matra. Thank you, Top Gear. And thank you, all 4 or 5 of you who read this drivel. Get ready for more!

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David Amulet said...

The Summer Olympics, at this point, might as well include speed eating and Quarters. Just sayin'.