Friday, November 10, 2006

Fun and games

Been working and riding, nothing new there. Last night I did an informal race between our store in central Austin and the one up north where I work. It was cool, I bought some lights for my bike and a group of us rode down to the start. Then at about 845 we started the race. You could pick your own route, and I ended up with two guys from a competing shop. Actually, they got a gap on me through an intersection with traffic, but I chased them down.

A few miles from the end I just didn't quite have it, and I ended up fourth, as the guy who won took another route. Much faster, much more dangerous. But, I had a good time, then we had a party at our north store and I went home. I really enjoyed the night ride. It brought back memories of my 26 mile commute through most of Indianapolis when I lived there. There's something neat about riding in the night. Too bad I really don't know of anywhere to ride here at night safely by myself. I always enjoyed riding along Route 28A along the Ashokan reservoir back in NY during the summer when I couldn't sleep. Of course, I had an awesome set of lights for that, and I gave them away a few years ago.

We move shortly, and we have a new couch coming for it. I'm more relaxed than Lost, but I understand her anxiety. We'll let you know how it goes.


Caloi-Rider said...

Moving's no fun. We've lived in the same apartment since we got married, and beside the fact that the owners love us and begged us to stay, one of the big reasons is because neither of us can stand moving.
I agree about night rides, though. They can be pretty darn sweet. I used to love to ride at night when it rained. You could see the wet reflections streaking through the pavement.
Tonight, I noticed how, when you ride it's much easier to see the glow the starlight makes on the surrounding potato fields. Very scenic.
Whoops, I'm blabbing. My bad. But yeah, night rides rock!

blackcrag said...

I'm looking at packing up an hauling myself across the country yet again. I definitely know about the moving blues. But right now, I'm just impatient.

I have to stay here till after Christmas, (for finacial reasons), but I keep wishing I was already on the move.

I have a great set of bike lights. They are made by Cat's eye, and feature two headlights, one for close and one for distance. Once, cops at a drunk/drive stop thought I was a motorbike because my lights were so brights. (And it is white light, too, not the usual dusky yellow.) They run off a large rechargeable battery that strapped to the frame.

I miss riding at night too. I used to live a fair distance out of town, and there is nothing to compare to freewheeling down a hill with no traffic in either direction; just you, the night, and the wind.

I need a new bike.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Hello, Mike! haven't heard from you in a bit, so I thought I'd drop through! Looks like Austin is treating you well. good to see! It's a pretty cool town! Have you climbed Jester yet? Heck of a hill!

Belle said...

Impromptu, no-rules/set route racing sounds like a party in itself!

Capybaras United said...

Night riding -- the memories. From my brief time in Austin it doesn't sound too safe though. Happy xgiving!