Tuesday, February 26, 2008

300 Million but not enough

We were out to dinner the other night with some friends. The husband was also in the Army in Special Forces. He said somethng interesting. "It kills me that we have 300 milion people in this country, and most aren't willing to cross the line and protect it and say "not on my watch"".

This was brought to mind because I just watched ABC News run some experiments in social behavior. One was where a Muslim woman was discriminated against in a bakery. Because she was wearing a veil. Most people did nothing, quite a few spoke up, and a few encouraged the discrimination. Another one was a group of girls tormenting another girl in a park. Again, not enough people did the right thing.

It's pretty sad when we as a nation feel that everyone other than ourselves will solve our problems for us. It's time for us to step up. Is that step too high for us? Maybe we need to retrace our steps as a nation and look for the spine America lost.

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