Thursday, February 21, 2008

So, here are two things I love

If you haven't guessed by now, I am pretty passionate about cycling, cars, trains, and all the related topics they spawn. One other thing I love to death is to be antagonistic. That's right, you guessed it, it's time to combine a few of these things into a post that will hopefully get a few people to think (a longshot given the state of American mental ability) and others to laugh and even a few more to try and discount what I say.

So let's start the fun with this article I just found on Car and Driver.

Pretty cool, I think, and a bit surprising for a few of the list. Oh, and I apologize that I'm not as good as everyone else with links and getting words to light up, etc, and be the link. It's probably faster, but I digress.

What I find cool is that some classes of vehicles, ie the crossover SUV, basically do nothing well. Really no more usable space, mileage is terrible, off roading not that good. Can anyone explain to me why you'd want one? Get an all wheel drive station wagon. This reminds me of the 5 cylinder Audis, Acuras, etc. We used to joke "all the power of a 4 with the mileage of a 6". Again, why want one?

So then you're probably wondering what I drive. Am I some type of journalistic hypocrite? Well, no, because I'm not entirely a journalist. I drive either my wife's Honda Civic 4 door, or my Accord 2 door coupe. Both very economical cars, to say the least. Yes, though I live less than a mile from work I do drive more than I should. I concede that. But I try to ride my bike when I can, and I even walk sometimes.

Yes, you in the back. What? Oh, yeah, what about my polluting Triumph? Glad you asked, I was waiting for a cornball like you to pop. Right now it's a very efficient car, as it doesn't run yet. That's right, 0 emissions! Not bad for a 30 year old car. Followup? Sure. Actually, it uses unleaded gas, gets about 24mpg around town and over 30 on the highway. Plus it's crazy fun, and cheap to repair. Try to say that about your toxic disaster on wheels hybrid.

So let's throw some pics up of my Triumph again. Or parts of it. Because I can. The parts are my master brake and clutch cylinders, which tonight will be rebuilt while I watch the Tour of California, and the other pic is a row of Spitfires at my last Triumph club meeting.


Mike said...

I'm getting really sick of the links not working right. guess I'll just have to learn.

LostInTX said...

Why don't you just ask your wife to show you how?

Mike said...


David Amulet said...

Any car that gets about 24/30mpg isn't bad. And it's a looker.