Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Sometimes I need inspiration. For my car, my racing, this blog, everything. For my blog, the news, a debate about politics, economics, and David Amulet's writings are always a help. But inspiration isn't always enough. I need to feel like I have something worth writing about. What isn't worth writing about these days? Truthfully, lots of things.

So on to the stuff that's worthless, and my theory behind why we think we care. Celebrity gossip and reality tv. Back in the days when cable was channels 2-13, there was only the Enquirer for the reality and celebrity stuff. As cable expanded, channels were formed and they needed filler. I mean, Bad Girls Club? Celebrity Rehab? It's like there's all this space and there was nothing to fill it, so instead of sitting back and coming up with some culturally worthwhile programming, we get all this drivel.

Yes, I like some reality tv. Gene Simmons kills me with his dry humor and the fact that he's actually a caring, involved parent. Bruce Jenner is much the same way with the Kardashians. Sometimes he has that look of "What in the hell have I gotten myself into?". Very funny.

Sadly, more people care about shows like these as opposed to the earthquake in China, the cyclone in Myannamar, or a bunch of other garden spots of the world. Guess reality tv is all a matter of what you want to admit.

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blackcrag said...

I guess 'reality tv' depends on your definition of reality.