Friday, July 04, 2008

4th and Gruene

So, happy 4th! Today 13 friends and I rode down to Gruen, TX since we all had the day off. 60 miles on a bike with friends and some light hearted moments (drinking beer at 10 am-a 6 pack was split amongst us) is always a good day. Weather, everything went really well. Topped off with a tasty meal at the Gristmill, and it was great.

In between the sprints for road signs, and enjoying the ride, I got to thinking. We're a lucky people, us Americans. Today I was free of the fear that police would swoop upon us, take us away, and we'd be gone. Or that someone would start shooting at us. True, it is TX, but mostly they play by the rules.

I won't regale you with some of the lack of rights I've seen in other parts of the world, or the measures we sometimes (as in the USA) took to rectify the situation. That's a post for another time. I just want all of you to take a second or two and reflect on just how good you truly have it in this country.

Now enjoy the weekend, be with your families, friends, or whomever is important in your life. We have that luxury. Take advantage of it.

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David Amulet said...

Good point about the freedom we take for granted. It's never too often to recall that.