Thursday, July 13, 2006

Old News

Well, everyone knows it. Lost and I got married Tuesday evening. She's got all the pics and stuff at her blog. Course, I have no idea how to link to it, so you'll have to search through the comments of other posts to find a link to her. Yeah, it's a miracle I'm able to get a cell phone call to go through.

Tonight I finally got in touch with my parents. Surprisingly they were very cool about it. Happy even. And there you have it. Thanks for all the congrats. Oh, and I got a lot of flak for not updating my profile. So for all of you, I saw what you were talking about: I listed my age as 33, but I turned 34 in June. thanks for pointing that out, it's been taken care of.


Bearette24 said...

haha...we weren't talking about the was the "never been married" part! but i suspect you know that :)

Tom Stormcrowe said...

You'd like to join Spinner? Well, it's pretty exclusive! ::GRIN:: It's pretty easy! Track your miles and email them to me or post in on my blogs comments for every Saturday. If you email them, use gunsel2001(at) and put Spinner Miles in the subject header. How do you like the Peoples Republic of Austin so far? I've spent a bit of time there myself, having Family there! Next time I'm going to be there, I'll let you know!

Mike said...

Tom, cool!!! Of course, my miles this week are very few, but this will help motivate me to get back on track. Definitely give a yell next time you're down here.

David Amulet said...

Hey, big time congrats! And anyone who gives you crap about how you did it ... well, you're right, they aren't focusing on the real issue. It's all about the two of you.

-- david