Saturday, July 15, 2006

why do I bother?

Well, I called my parents about my wedding to Lost. It went great. My grandmother was thrilled. So why were both my brother and sister jerks about it? They did congratulate me, but they also lectured me and questioned me, etc. Hello!!! It's not baout anyone but us! They acted as if it were some spur of the moment thing, and were upset that I didn't tell them. Well, that's kind of the definition of the word elope, fools. And this type of Spanish Inquisition attitude was what I wanted to avoid. So the prosecution rests. Well, we all are different. But you think they'd put aside the older sibling syndrome for a minute, let their younger brother tell them good news, and be happy. Sometimes I wonder, why do I bother telling them stuff at all...


Bearette24 said...

weddings often bring out weirdness in families. i guess it even happens when you elope.

Officially Fabulous said...

Curious... How did y'all meet? I LOVE that you moved there & that you got married on a Tuesday!! love it! Love it! Sometimes I just want to run off w/ my man & elope!!
GREAT story!!
~Fab : )