Saturday, July 22, 2006

What have I learned?

Let's see, I finished my first week at my new job. Not the schedule I want, but it is nice to be back in an office enviroment and having to dress up a little bit for work. I feel like such an adult, lol. Of course, my schedule impacts my time for riding, but hey, I need to get some money.

So today I went for a loooonnnngg ride. It ended up being 103 miles. Pretty cool, my mileage pretty much matched the temperature. Mind you I did the first 90 miles in one shot, ended up at a local bike shop near downtown to watch a rebroadcast of the tour, then rode home. Nothing like watching Floyd take the lead on a plasma tv while eating some chips and drinking cold water. Then I rode home and fought crazy headwinds since a storm front was moving through. Somehow the rain held off until I was 200 meters from home.

On the first part of my ride a group of guys caught up to me and invited me to join. Turns out two of the guys were jerks, but it happens. Eventually it came to the loudmouth pushing against me in a sprint, and I finally got my left arm free enough to give him an uppercut elbow to the lower jaw. After that no one really challenged me. The other 10 guys were really cool, just this one bozo and his friend were talking trash.

Let me wrap up with one last thought. Barry Bonds should be banned from baseball for a few years. I hope he goes to jail for tax evasion, sine he cheated all the honest baseball players during his career, and he tried to cheat the government out of their money, too. Jerk. I can get banned for two years from racing if I so much as have Sudafed in my system, or more than the equivalent of two cups of coffee worth of caffeine at a dope control in me. Yet this bastard and many other american professional sports will maybe give 10 games as a punishment. What a joke. They're PLAYING sports. Why must they cheat? Isn't getting paid to play a game like kids enough? Or have they never grown up?


Tom Stormcrowe said...

I think the last sentence of your post has a lot of truth to it! I truly beloeve some people are so competitive that is stunts other aspects of their development. Look at master musicioan, for example. Some are really cool people and some are so wrapped up in their instruments that they forget how to relate to other people. I can see getting so wqrapped up in a sport that the same thing happens, believe me! I'm a bit on the obsessive side, myself, as far as cycling goes. I try to remember though that other people don't necessarily share my obsession!::GRIN:: By the way, you are up on the Spinner report! Haven't got it posted on the blogspot mirror yet, but it's on the MSN site. I've tagged you Texas Mike, I hope you don't mind, since I thought Little Mike wasn't the way to go! ::EVIL GRIN::

Capybaras United said...

Great distance! Where did you ride? How long did it take you?

Mike said...

Texas Mike sounds great to me! I know I'm a bit obsessed with bikes, but I love my trains and certain cars still get me all googly eyed.

Capy, I rode all the heck over Travis and surrounding counties. It was a bit over 5 hours riding time. Mostly riding with a competitive group helped, as we were averaging in the high 20s for speed, and were hitting a bit over 30 for some flatter stretches.

Capybaras United said...

That's a very fast century!