Friday, March 02, 2007

I don't want to be near a 3rd time

I crashed again today. After my morning ride I went to Einstein's to get a bagel for my wife and myself. Riding through the parking lot, my bike went right, brushed a curb, hit the left pedal, gave me hope, then slid sideways out from under me. Next thing I know I'm on the deck and under a parked car. Moaning. Feeling like I was going to throw up.

I sat up, took off my helmet (split in 4 places) and tried to collect my thoughts. They were still spinning past my brain. A few people checked on me, but I called my wife, and she picked me up. After going to work for half the day, I went for x-rays. I may have fractured my hip. It sure feels like it. Plus my entire left side of my torso is killing me. Oh happy day.

So, no racing this weekend. But I'll be home and Lost and I can spend some time together, which is very rare. I'm supposed to stay off the bike for a week. Blah.

I might have been felled by some acorns. Or some squirrels in white lab coats. Squirrels and I have history, and after almost 3 years on the run they may have found me...


blackcrag said...

Sorry to hear you fell flat. Hope the pain is just bruising and not a fracture. How's the bike?

What is your history with these cute, furry, chittering squirrels? Sounds like a post to me.

Only Partially Insane said...

Yowza! That sounds awful. Sorry to hear that you crashed. Thankfully the helmet saved your skull. I can't believe it broke into four pieces. Is that normal?