Sunday, June 11, 2006

Phase Two has begun

Well, I'm in Hilton Head, SC at my parent's house. Left Friday night at 1230 (really Sat morning) made it to just north of Harrisburg, PA by 530 through the rain and fog, and slept in the car for about 5 hours. Woke up, and drove the rest of the way. Got here at about 930pm. What a long, tiring drag of a drive. Especially since I had two bikes on the back of the car on a trunk rack (which I hate using) a cargo bubble thing on top, and the car filled to the gills. My seat had one position: where it was, no room to recline it any more, so I had to mess with the lumbar settings to be able to keep my back somewhat happy.

Now I need to unload the car, go over my bikes, do some projects around the house here and try to ride some, as I'm hoping to do the TX road race championships on the 25th. Of course my race starts at 2pm, so it'll be nice and hot for me at Ft Hood. Nothing like baptism by fire. And, Wed my sweetie comes and I'm so happy!!!!! Not sure when my next time to post will be, so have fun until then.

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Bearette24 said...

happy birthday! i didn't realize your birthdays were so close together :)