Saturday, June 03, 2006

T minus

Yep, almost out of NY. Yay!!!!! Monsay I pick up my new car (for me) a 98 Honda Accord 2 dr coupe. I'm very excited. I just have to figure out how to squeeze all my stuff into my car and my parent's car...

Let's see, right now I'm on my niece's bedroom floor using my brother's wireless internet to use my computer. Ah, the life of a gypsy. So what is the latest? In a nutshell, got out of the crazed housemate's place ok. My cats are staying with my brother's family unless my one niece has an allergic reaction, but it's been 4 days and nothing so far. I'm very happy about that.

I raced last Sunday in Hartford, CT at Bushnell Park. A block from the capitol building. Hot, but not humid, and a perfect day. With my lack of training because of that pesky left ankle, I was hoping to not embarass myself. I mean, my dad came along, so I wanted to do a respectable race. The first race was a 30 plus master's race. Ugh it was fast. We averaged 27 mph, but when you have a bunch of ex pros and a former 2 time national collegiate champion what should I have expected? Anyway, I was doing ok, but I wasn't feeling great. In fact, I was feeling pretty blah. It wasn't until 8 laps to go that I was able to get a drink from my bottle. Then I went from hanging at the back in the last 10 (out of 102 starters) to moving up towards the front.

Well, I did what I could and when it finished I was 45th out of 90 finishers. Not too shabby. Plus I was 6th in my category. I waited a few hours more and did my second race of the day, squaring off against my former team. I rode really well, with my dad yelling "Go Bandycoot" each lap. About halfway through there was a crash in the first corner in front of me, and I ran into a bike that was down, which ended up with me doing a front wheel stand and then falling onto a guy and two bikes to my right. I got up, ran to the pits, and rejoined the race after my free lap. I rode really well, and even though a crash in the last lap messed up my plan for the finish, I got 22nd. Which had me beat all of my former team except for one. He got 17th. Well, off to the Nutmeg Games in New Britain CT next Sat, then the trip to TX begins.


Caloi-Rider said...

sweet revenge. Good on ya, Mike.

Lora said...

That finish must have given a nice sense of satisfaction.