Saturday, June 24, 2006


Yup. My race was postponed due to some type of activity at Ft Hood. Well, it's supposed to be run in the fall, so that gives me more time to get ready. Soooo, now my next race might be hours away in a month. Then maybe the state time trial championships a week later. Oh, joy, I get to see how hard I can push myself until my peripheral vision begins to flash...for 40 kilometers.

What else? Welllllllll, Lost and I have been doing all kinds of fun stuff. Grocery shopping, eating, sleeping, shopping for clothes for me because she's embarassed by my unique style. Or more accurately, embarassed to be seen with me and my style... and we're playing Slub Bug with both classic and new Bugs, plus Chevy Malibu Max's. That takes way longer to explain.

That is really about it. I've been riding quite a bit, and my latest way of doing it is to briefly look at a map, making sure to not note the scale so I have no real idea how far anything is and head out. I promptly forget most of what I saw on the map, get lost about 25 miles into the ride, and try to find my way home navigating by the sun and time of day. So far it's worked pretty well.

Thursday I rode forever and eventually crossed the Colorado river (though not in Colorado) and went by some dam called Mansfield Dam. I remember that because it was neat, and well, I like Jayne Mansfield, and though there's no connection, when you're at the level of mental incoherence I was at the time, it makes sense to your mind then. Much like that last sentence.

Well, time for bed on my new pillow I bought !!!! Yeehaaaa!!!! No, really I mean yay!!!!


Bearette24 said...

Slub Bug?!?

Lora said...

What's wrong with your unique style?