Monday, April 03, 2006

My how things have stayed the same

I went to go for a ride yesterday. Got my bike out of the car and the back tire was flat. So then I had to pull the gears off that wheel and put them on another whell I had, but then I had to put a tire and tube on that wheel... Argh! I couldn't use the old wheel because it was a tubular, where we glue the tire to the wheel, and the tube is sewn inside it. The backup wheel is a clincher, like most people ride, which has a seperate tire and tube. Well, it set me back a few minutes.

So I decided to change my route and got going, but the new tire was somewhat defective (or the yahoo who put it on was...) and it had a hop in it. Not comfortable at all, so I dealt with it for the ride, but it's coming off today. Anyway, I ripped off a 32.5 mile ride in 1 hour 31 minutes, which turns out to be an average of 20 something miles per hour. Pretty darn fast. I had a burst where I pretend I'm in a race and am sprinting for intermediate prizes and got up to 38 mph on the flat. Not shabby, it's coming along...

All this motivation is because I can feel my Sweetie's breath on my neck now that she has a bike. Yup, I'll bet she blows me away when we go for our first ride together, but I'll love every second of it. I'd be a fool not to.

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Capybaras United said...

38 mph on the flats?@%#$ Sheesh!