Sunday, April 09, 2006

Really, it just might be spring...

Today the weather was good, which is good, because it put me in a good mood, and that's a good thing that will create good memories. I just wanted to see how much goodness I could get away with, or would it be goodies?

On to more serious things. First, my last post was about Saul Raisin. He's still in a coma, but the danger to his life has passed. Now it all rests on the next 48 hours or so to see how he fares. No one really knows. He was wearing a helmet and still he's now in a coma. Sooo, I guess it's about time for a public service announcement.

I have crashed quite a few times. It works out to about once a season. Bad crashes are every few years. Those are the ones where I need to go to the ER. I worked it out one time and I crash about every 6000 miles. I've always had a helmet on when I crashed, thankfully. So, here are a few pics of one of my helmets and the handlebars after a crash in New Britain, CT in 2004. I kept them because it's a great visual aid when people tell me helmets aren't needed. Yes, those handlebars were sliced by the spokes of another bike.

The helmet actually started to melt (there's still some of my hair stuck in it) from impact, and it split in three places. I hope anyone who rides and reads this remembers to always wear their helmet.

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Now for the good stuff. Ha, there's that word again. Went for a ride after sleeping in way later than planned. Since I wasn't really fueled up too well, I am sure I burned quite a bit of fat off me. Good thing. So I did just under 60 miles and averaged 19.8 mph. Including starting out by going over Minnewaska Mountain. Not a bad ride, even though my climbing isn't quite what it should be...

Then I came home, talked to my favorite Texan, got cleaned up after eating, and went to the local Stewart's (a chain of gas station/convenient store that seem to cater to six green tooth missing troglodytes) and got some food since I was out. Needed the bread for toast, because if you ever meet me, you'll figure out quickly how I love my toast...and hot dogs (vestiges of my youth)...and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Yes, I bought a half gallon on an impulse buy. Yummy. I don't eat much at a time, because I tend to get sick from it, but it was a tasty treat. And now I need to go eat more because I'm hungry again. Argh!!!

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LostInTX said...

Oh goodie, I'm your favorite Texan :)

About that helmet and handlebars... yikes. I hope I never have to see that again. The helmet looks awfully thick. Are they making them lighter these days or did I just get a cheapie one that won't protect me?