Monday, April 10, 2006

When a computer needs to die

I had a great post earlier. I fell asleep after being on the phone. It's gone. It'll take way too much effort to recreate, because it was definitely original. So here we go with the condensed version.

I rode. Fast. Got a good tan going on for up here at this time of year. Came home, as usual was hungry.

I made toast, 4 glorious slices of toast with cinnamon and sugar. And real butter! Yum yum yum yummy!!! Then I had some hot dogs. This is where the interest comes in. Along with my bread, the hot dogs, I had to choose some toppings. So I grabbed spicy brown mustard. Always a crowd pleasing favorite. But I needed to add something, something to give the hot dogs "pop". Since these were run of the mill hot dogs, not snobby types, they definitely had no "pop".

So I recalled a wonderful conversation with my paramour about mayo on a hot dog. Well, I do the mustard and mayo thing on my sandwiches, so why not? It was great, but it still didn't have all the "pop" I was looking for. SO I went into the refrigerator and found Garlic Ambrosia spread. Yes, and not just any, but organic. With the little SOS symbol on the side, whatever that means. Think of the irony. Hot dogs, organic garlic ambrosia. Heheh. Made by a company called Hand To Mouth Foods, I believe. Amazing stuff, it is.

Well, with mayo down one side and garlic ambrosia down the other, I must say it was the best hot dog I've ever had. If you know me and how many years I've taken off my life because of how many hot dogs I've eaten, well you know it's a lot.

I probably should eat better, but I can't really afford to. Funny how that works. Well, I could afford to, and I'm starting to make the changes to make it happen. Imagine how fast I'd be if I ate properly...

On a much more sad note, I ran over and killed a neighbor's dog today on my way to work. He darted out and I had hit him before I could even hit the brakes. I went to the house (at 720 am) and knocked on the door. The father and I went out to the road, and their dog was definitely dead. I apologized, but the family was really nice to me, saying he got loose, and it was an accident, so to not blame myself. I appreciated that. The kids came out and we had moved the dog to the front yard, and they all cried and hugged him. After that we had a moment of silence and then the father led us in a prayer for him. I called him Mutley. A very sweet and lovable mix. Always happy to see you. When I went out on my ride the father saw me, waved, and yelled, "It's ok, he's running where there are no cars now!". I smiled at that. But I still cry about the reality.


Bearette24 said...

that is so sad :( my mom hit a dog once, by accident of course, but it staggered away, still alive. the owner told my mother it had been hit before...i think they needed to get a leash!

LostInTX said...

That is really sad. I don't know if I could function the rest of the day if I had accidentally kliled an animal. It was very thoughtful of you to take the time to tell them and participate in their little goodbye ritual (I would have expected nothing less from you). I'm sad for the kids, though. Maybe we can send them Lisa's new pup? :)

I don't know why but I almost barfed reading the hot dog thing. Maybe it's because it's 445 in the morning. *Shrug* Doesn't sound too good right about now but I know you said it was delish.

Lisa said...

Poor Muttley! Poor you! I'm so sorry.

I've been known to go back to look for squirrels and rabbits that I thought I might have hit, so I think I'd be a basketcase if I hit a dog. Although I've come close a few times because the idiots in my apartment complex think their dogs are just too perfect for leashes.

Lisa said...

Sorry---My computer is being stupid and posted my comment three times. Hence the "comment removed" comments.

David Amulet said...

Ugh, that's awful about the accident. I hope that you don't feel too bad about it.

I could say I hope that you don't dog yourself about it, but Lost in TX would probably never visit me again.

-- david

Lora said...

That's really sad, but at least you knew whose dog it was and could let them know.