Saturday, January 28, 2006

To answer a request

Wow. I'm humbled and honored, and if you ever meet me, you'll know that humbling me is not easy. Might be because I have a bit of an ego. But, my friend from way back Lora mentioned my little blog on her blog. I think it's really sweet and cool of her. Of course, that would be in perfect line with her character. So, it's pretty cool.

Now, let's see. Lora had mentioned the possibilty of me putting up some pics of Kingston, the small city we are from. Actually, I'm a transplant from Rhinebeck, across the Hudson River, but that's being trivial. So, without further adieu, here are some pics of the area we're from.

Ok, here we have the Old Dutch Reformed Church on the corner of Main and Wall streets in uptown Kingston. There's a steeple but I couldn't fit it in the frame, and it was two in the morning and had just snowed about 15 inches. So I am happy it came out this well, considering I just guessed on how long to leave the shutter open.

The pic on the left is from uptown, too. You can see the tracers from a plow or something that drove by. I figured I'd put up winter pics since Lora's in Austin, and winter is a bit of a rare beast down there.

So what else is going on? Well, I took a nice long ride today for about 62 miles in the mountains and Ashokan Reservoir. Four hours of fun and suffering. Then I took a nap and finally took a shower and shaved my legs. Nothing like it. We shave our legs for racing so if we crash (when we crash) it's easier to dress the wound and there is no hair to trap dirt and thus, infection. Simple. But what an awesome ride. Towards the end I took a road home I've never ridden, and held off a Ducati motorcycle for quite a few miles on the descent. Taking 25 mph turns at close to 50 is one of the thrills for me. When the guy finally did pass me, he looked over and gave me a big smile and a thumbs up. Made all the suffering worthwhile.

Well, time to go stretch and then off to bed so maybe I can get another ride in before the rain tomorrow, otherwise I'll just be a wet cyclist, which I don't really mind, either.

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Lora said...

I was mainly joking about the pictures. I kind of slipped it in to let people know where I know you from.

You were very thoughtful in your selections. I absolutely love to be outside at night in the middle of a good snow dousing and uptown Kingston in always charming.

Thanks for explaining the shaving thing. I knew there had to be a logical explaination behind it.