Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yeah, so what...

So who am I? Do you care? Or should we waste our time with this drivel? Let's not.

Hmmmm, today I worked. More than usual. Normally I'm out by 1, but not today. Left at 515. Yeah, I went in only at 8, so I know all of you are so heartbroken I had to put a real day in. But hey, I prefer two full days and three half days. Then I get to ride or do errands or whatever. And riding is the biggest priority.

So let's see, I got home, and rode my bike on my trainer for awhile. About 1 hour into it I just had to stop, as I was going insane. I'm figuring most of you don't know much about cycling, so consider yourselves lucky that you found this little corner of the blogiverse. Or not. Come on, put the cyanide down, it won't be that bad, I promise.

Ok, currently I am going to be racing for a brand new team this season. Noreast Cycling would be our name. They're based out of New Hampshire, I'm down here in NY. But it works. I do road racing, which is what you see a pic of to the left. Yup, we race on closed off roads. Now for a bit of clarification.

There are a few types of road race. Here they are.
1) Road race, either circuit (multiple laps) or point to point.
2) Criterium, a tight circuit usually in an urban area with a lap length of under 1 or 1.5 miles. Fast, painful, crash riddles, fun for some of us. (Me) Pic is of the Chris Thater Memorial Criterium in Binghamton, NY in 2004.
3) Time Trial, where we go one person at a time at specific intervals, be they 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc. Purpose is to ride the fastest time over a prescribed course.

There you have it. Each type of race has characteristics that suit different people. I'm no great climber, so mountainous or very hilly races aren't great for me. But time trials, rolling terrain road races, and criteriums are my forte. The above pic is me in the lead with another guy. We blasted around the course for quite a few laps and eventually got caught. But on the way we won some primes (preems) or intermediate sprints, and I pocketed a bunch of cash. He got tires, etc. Eventually I think he was sick of not getting money, so we drifted back to the pack. No reason to kill myself for him to get a free ride.

Currently I am a Category 4 rider. What that means is I'm not that great. LOL Actually, we have 5 categories, 1-5. The lower the number, the better you are. Cat 1 is Olympic caliber, basically a pro. I was a 2 on the track and 3, almost a 2 on the road many years ago. Hopefully this year I'll be able to upgrade to at least 3. Last year was a lost year for a variety of reasons.

I was going to put more stuff up, but I forgot what it was to be. I'm sure the bike stuff has you crying in despair. So some normal life stuff. I put a cd burner in my computer last night. I love this damn thing! Of course, figuring out how to disassemble the computer was pretty funny for my cats. They sat on the bed with wide eys of bewilderment. Turns out I am an idiot. I didn't break or damage anything, just took about 2 hours longer than the 10 minutes it should have taken. Yup, I'm one of those amazingly intelligent people who is more than stupid in some areas. Impressive, yes?

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Lora said...

Considering my knowledge of bicycle race has been limited to the briefs they due on the Tour de France, I thank you.