Monday, March 20, 2006

The gloves come off

Ok, now I'm pissed. Some slack jawed rat bastard emailed me talking trash about the races this weekend. Yeah, buddy, I know who you are. Make sure you're not between me and the edge of the road...

Next week I'm going to thrash the race on Saturday, and maybe even skip Sunday. Not sure yet, but I'm considering it. Or I might just go to see how much my body has recovered. Well, Sometimes I wonder why I do this, but I realize it keeps me in shape, is good therapy, and lets me get out my aggressions in a positive way.

On a different note, I've decided paying $60 plus a month for a storage unit is stupid, so I'm going to empty it this week. Say goodbye to many things, I will. It will be enjoyable. I think it will, at least.

Still bugged about that email. Bastard has the nerve to talk trash when he wasn't even listed on the results sheet that was posted because he was so far down. He should remember the time I got a flat and the wheel van took forever, and I literally threw my front wheel about 200 feet in frustration. Then I got a new front wheel and proceeded to make up a 12 minute deficit to the lead group in 29 miles by myself most of the way. Then I motored up to the front of the group and promptly blew the race to smithereens...he was there, does he want that again?


Lisa said...

You will indeed feel much better when you get rid of all that stuff. I need to do a similar purge as I get ready to move to Wisconsin. When I came down to Austin, it was just with what I could fit in my car. Now I'm going to need to hitch a small trailer to the back to get to Madison. But still not bad.

LostInTX said...

Ooh.. how dare he? I'm squinting my eyes in digust as we speak.. (or type, whatever)

Go get 'em Mike!

Bearette24 said...

Agreed on the storage. I was wasting $70 or so a month; felt like a load off my back when I got rid of it.

I don't know the specifics of what the guy said, but I wouldn't give him a second thought.

Lora said...

Come on, Mike. You know that trash talk just makes things more interesting for you. It Gets you in fighting form.

Totally agree about getting rid of the storage unit. Rare is what we store worth the expense of the unit.