Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just give me a gun, it'll be less painful for all of us...

Ow!!! I was dumb enough to hop on my bike. That in itself could hurt quite a bit, but... Anyway, I rode in the basement. Really hard. I thrashed myself. Thoroughly. Here's the story.

As you may have guessed, I've broken out of my little bike shell recently. Best thing in my life ever!!!! Yet tonight I started getting anxious about Sunday. This is normal. So I wanted to get some time on my bike tonight to get the muscles to remember what they're there (that sounds goofy) for. To make me go fast on a bike. Ultimately, I decided to go all out, 100% effort. Let's put it this way: UGH!!!!! I hammered like I was in full flight in the Tour de France. If you know anything of bikes and gearing, I'll throw some technojargon your way. I was spinning a 53x15 and 14 for quite sometime. Basically, on the open road that translates to somewhere in the realm of 33-37 mph. Yeah. It felt horrible but great. Now I'm all placid, like my favorite lake and town. I'm pretty happy, it gave me a lot of confidence and a boost for Sunday. If I can do that in a race, I'll probably win.

Now, it wasn't pretty, me pushing myself, breathing hard, sweat dripping off me and that maniacal look in my eyes. A passerby had there been one, might have thought I was trying to kill myself, hence the title. Sometimes I wonder why I do stuff like this to myself. Then I realize, it's because I love it, I live it, I breathe it, it keeps me young, and it gives me something to post about. Night, kids!!!

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