Wednesday, March 01, 2006

T minus

Yup. Sunday opens race season for me. I'm doing two races definitely, and the third one depends on how I feel after the other two. Since we're supposed to get about 8 inches of snow tomorrow, I'm just hoping it melts by race time. Doubtful, though. Most likely it'll be wet, windy, cold, and generally unpleasant. If I had my way, we should just throw in some 40 degree rain, too. I actually like to race in that junk.

Ok, so you're probably thinking (not really, at all) that I'm ready to go and it'll be a great season. Ummm, no. From now until the race begins, I'll be a nervous wreck. I need to organize and pack, go over my bike, get last minute miles in my legs, plan my travel time, etc. If I had someone with me, I'd have them take pics and document all this insanity. But I don't. I hope to have a few pics of the race scene, but don't expect me to take pics while racing yet. I prefer to wait until a few races are under our belts so we all remember how to ride in packs, etc. Like I said, it's a nervous time of year.

Personal life. Yup, I have one. Going great. Gets better each day. I can't find words to describe her. Still smiling. Where has she been all my life? Connect the dots from there...

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