Friday, March 17, 2006

Yeah, so about that cool post

It just has to wait. Gotta get my bike and myself ready for my race tomorrow, and then race again Sunday. It's almost the real season, as April will be time to put up or shut up. My team has made a policy change so if I don't get a top three placing by the ned of April, I basically lose all my financial support until I do get a top three. Ok, this isn't good and let me explain why.

One. I'm racing alone. No team mates. This makes it incredibly hard because I have to hope other teams do the work and control the race, or that I can get tucked into a leadout train (where a bunch of the same team get the pace really high so no one can get away, and then their designated sprinter can slingshot out of the draft in the last 100 meters or so)and have a great sprint.

Two. I had planned my season to race myself into shape, so I wouldn't be flat through the summer. Now suddenly I need to pick my game up a few notches that aren't really there in my body. I'm at about 80% right now.

Three. Nothing like a little pressure.

Four. Yeah, I need the money to make racing a little more stress free.

Five. I'm racing alone.

Basically I'm at a huge disadvantage racing solo. While all the other guys are racing en masse, I'm way down here by myself. Yeah, this is going to be interesting.


Lora said...

That really sucks. How can they change the rules after you've contracted with them for the season?

I don't know quite how these things work, but is there any way you can change your solo status and get in races with your other teammates?

You've already shown that you are in better racing condition then you had anticipated so try to keep the faith that with a little luck and your continued hard work you'll place in the top three.

Leah said...

Hmmm....I had no idea. I am so unfamiliar with the cycling world that it may as well be in Chinese.

But best of luck nonetheless. I'm rooting for you on the sidelines....

LostInTX said...

You know where I fit in.. I'm glad you did well. *smooch*

Mike said...

Well, if I lived in New England I'd be racing with my team. Too bad I don't. As for the policy change, it's a unilateral one decided by the board of directors. I'm not happy about it, but it's legal. Luck, oh, I need a lot of that.