Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Have a day

Not the best day. Not bad by far, but it could have been way better. Work was actually fun, but busy. A coworker and I danced to every song on the cd that's currently on the list from headquarters. Yeah, a white boy dancing... She and I were crying after about 2 minutes. Levity is needed sometimes. More details another time. If at all.

Now for the mediocre part of the day. I've been fighting an insurance company since 2001. It's disability that stems from a worker's comp issue. To spare the details, they owe me a lot of money. Like a BS degree's worth of money at a NY state university. Yup. Well, today I met with their lawyer. They offered me 18% of the total claim. And had the nerve to tell me it was a good offer. So if I hired that lawyer and got his bill and gave him 18% of the total and called it even he'd think it was a good offer? I offered that to him. Idiots. Sure, the money would be nice, but I've gotten by this long without it, haven't I?

Not much else in my life. I'm thankful for what I have. Money is just an invitation for trouble in my mind anymore. I'm rich in other ways, and that's all that I care about.

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Bearette24 said...

i hate insurance companies! i used to work at one, so i know their evilness inside out.