Friday, February 03, 2006

Don't die wondering...

Something a friend of mine said last time I saw him before he was killed in Iraq this past fall. I guess it's how I've lived my life. Things like "I wonder what Lake Placid is like right now..." to which I reply "Let's go, we'll call in to work tomorrow..."

So what am I wondering about? Just a myriad of things I won't bore you with here. I'm more concerned with a fundraising concert I'm playing in for two Girl Scout Troops tomorrow evening. (But I don't get free cookies!!! What's up with that?!!?) First half is classical where I'm playing a Bach Brandenburg Concerto. A friend's Aunt is a private music teacher in Norwalk, CT and got some of her students who attend Juliard to come, so we've got a small chamber orchestra thing happening. The second half of the show is a show of popular music by two bands. One a good local band, the other a quick and desperate attempt by my friends and I to become a band. Hey, we're actually good enough to have played at a bar in Manhattan (Grammercy Park) two weeks in a row. Eric does some pretty good vocals. We do some covers in our own style (like using a Juliard student violinist in place of some guitar solos) and original music. People seem to like us, but we've never played anywhere there wasn't alcohol... Anyway, I sing most lead, (ugh, I know why they need alcohol) but people keep telling me I sound like Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty lead singer. Not a bad comparison, I feel. So we do a few of their songs, too. In our own style, of course.

Oh, and I've only been playing piano since December of 2004. By July my teacher (who was amazing, even played in the National COncert Hall in DC while I was studying with her) cut me loose, saying I should have played as a child, for I could have made a living as a classical pianaist. That is something I wonder about...

So what else shall I divulge on this already long post? Ok, personal life stuff. I'm called a serial dater by my friends. I've had all kinds of girlfriends, form an ex Victoria Secret's model to the girl next door literally. I've nothing else right now. I'll probably post some other stuff later, but I need to get my house cleaned so I can have a guilt free weekend.

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