Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Man, do I have no life or what?

Wow!!! This is my 21st post already!!! Of course, that just means I've surpassed the number of people who read this thing by 7 times...So what's new? Nothing. At all. Worked more than I wanted to the past two days, so just indoor trainer rides. I'm starting to hit that place where I'm paranoid everyone else is out racking up miles and I'm falling behind. Then I talk to people and they're like "you've ridden how many effin' hours on the trainer AND HOW MANY MILES OUTSIDE????!!!!!??" and I know I might be on the right track.. Thing is, Sunday 5 March is rapidly approaching...

So I haven't called nor emailed my ex since Saturday. It feels good. Really good to have closure. Nice woman, just not for me.

And where does all this lead? To the plain, unadulterated truth that I have no life right now. Let's look at the facts:
no girlfriend
hell, basically no friends
see more of my bikes than I do for people, except coworkers
I'm hungry
I'm posting my 21st entry in what, less than 3 weeks?

As you can see, I'm not too serious about much. Except my job and racing, and the few friends I do have. Can't leave out the family. Gotta love my nieces and parents and bro and sis and their respective spouses. So, really, though I'm rehashing slightly, I'm ok with my newfound singledom. To be honest, this'll probably the last I mention it being over. Do I move on quick or what?

Right, then. Due to the fact you've heard so much about my bikes, here are a few pics I took the other day (when I took those mirror shots) so you can see what they look like, and then you'll know if you're running over the right guy... HA!!!! Look at that first pic, wow do I have a white scalp... Oh yeah, the green road bike is named Horse, and the orange cyclocross one is named Creamsicle. The road bike is a Schwinn Paramount OS steel frame dinosaur from 1991 (ZOUNDS!!!!!) and weighs about 20 pounds. A bit heavy, yes, but bombproof, stiff, and ultrareliable. No matter how bad the roads on a race are, I never worry about this bike breaking. The cyclocross bike is a Salsa Las Cruces made of scandium and carbon fiber. No idea on weight, but it's not too bad, probably also in the 19-20 pound range. Again, so far it's been bombproof. I need to upgrade a host of parts on it, as right now it's a Frankenbike (Campagnolo, Shimano mix of parts) but that's in due time. Also, it needs to be reassembled, which I think will be tonight's job since I'm all cleaned up and ready to go.

Yeah, and Horse is currently clean of road grime... in case you cared.



Lora said...

Don't worry the obsessive posting wears off after a while.

douglas said...

Hope you are doing better since this post, which I found on Dude, no need to tear yourself down. 1) You're young. 2) You're not married yet because you haven't found someone you really want to marry. I recently lost both my relationship AND my Schwinn Paramount! I got a new carbon bike and am hopeful on the other front. Everything breaks but there are plenty of shiny new things out there. Keep your head up and you'll see them.