Friday, February 03, 2006


Truth a simple little word
That has so much power
But is seldom heard
It lays down foundations of trust
Lets two people become "us"
Sometimes can give a little shelter
When things get rough
I'd rather hear it all
Than half of what's going on
Should I just go off on my own?
It's the feigning that this is norma
lThat we have a relationship at all
The only view that I have is of your wall
You want to protect me how?
By totally shutting me out?
Give me a reason why I should stay around
It's myself I've started to doubt
What's so hard of the truth
Is there something that it'd prove
That by ignoring you can't lose?
It's the feigning that this is normal
Is this any relationship at all
I only see graffitti on your wall

Somethimg I came up with during one of my many dating experiences.

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