Friday, February 24, 2006

I miss party lines, abacuses, and candles...

I'm a techno-ditz. Got a new phone yesterday. Didn't know I had to activate voicemail. That's only the beginning. I'll leave it at that. (but if you know how to change a ringtone, please let me know...)

I'm ok after last night. Thank you to all who took the time to comment, and even if you didn't, and just read it, thanks. I still shake a bit when I think about what might have happened, but it shakes me more to think what might have happened had I done nothing. So I made a difference.

I'm pretty recovered from being sick. That's a good thing. Since I volunteered to work tomorrow. I could use some extra money, and it's an early shift, just like normal. So I'll be able to go out and enjoy the day. I'm doing that a lot more than I used to. Rides are more fun. Serious but fun, like 16 years ago when I was first invited to the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid. Tough work, but I loved it. It's taken a long time, but things are fun again. Enjoyable just to be doing them, not as a means to an end.

I could sit here and bitch that I've earned the right to be angry, that the fun left when I got screwed by the national coaches, or the shit I dealt with in the Army, or getting cancer. Or losing a girlfriend to a car accident I was in love with. I almost have a right to whine, be pissed at the world. I'm not. I'm happy to be here. Something big is on the horizon, something good, and I have a feeling what it is, but it's pretty vague. After last night, it was reinforced in me that I need to live now, appreciate and love like there's no tomorrow, and be the best person I am. It's too short. Cherish each other.

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