Monday, February 06, 2006

Glad that's over

Whew, done with the trainer. Thank god. Yuck. So what else? Ummmm, did my fundraiser concert over the weekend for the Girl Scouts. Talk about a shock. Over 500 people crammed into this old gym/cafeteria/church hall thing. I played basketball there with CYO when I was about 10-12, and before that it was our church, too. Ok, enough boring details.

The sound check was good, except my voice cracked once, which it did in Manhattan recently when we played a bar. So we scratched that song. Long story short, I'm happy how it went. Between cookie sales, donations, the tickets, baked goods, and a 50/50 raffle, we raised in the realm of $6000. Not bad. Now I can retire while being on top. Played Bach, then the second half my group played a few original songs and a bunch of Matchbox Twenty stuff, as that's what was requested by my niece and her friends. Got two standing ovations and we did a fun encore. But I'm glad it's over. The rehearsals, the tweaking, the travel, the 15 hours of sleep during the week, it was fun, but forget that as a lifestyle.

Ok, so I have two cats, Sarah and Jasper. They're biological brother and sister. Jasper is the black one, and Sarah is the not black one. Ok, that was lame. They wrestle, lick each other's heads, quite fun.

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