Sunday, February 26, 2006


I just saw on the net the closing ceremonies have wrapped up. Maybe it's me, but I feel the olympics were a much bigger deal as a kid. Could it be because of the cold war East vs West thing that was going on, or could it just be me? I saw about 2 hours of the olympics this year, and wasn't moved. Maybe it's because so many of the "sports" are obscure, or aren't really sports for the masses. I mean, curling? Or ice dancing and figure skating, while beautiful and definitely take athelticism, really don't seem like sports to me. Same with freestyle aerial skiing, snowboarding. Those are sports where judges make the decisions. In hockey you score a goal. Simple. Enough of this rant. The olympics are neat, but are they even relevant anymore?

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Lora said...

I think it's because we have how many television stations blaring sports, 24 hours a day. Plus all the results are available on the internet before the performances are telecast.