Thursday, February 16, 2006

When do the flashes in my peripheral vision go away?

Oh man, a day beyond belief! Great weather, great ride until about 10 miles to go (details later) a VW Squareback, tan lines on my legs already, women mystify me, and I'm starving.

My ride was great, it was warm, sunny, shorts weather. All things were going well until about 10 miles from the end when I bonked. Hard. Like, lightheadedness was setting in (and seeing how I was on a bike that required balance, well, yeah), my legs were past giving up the ghost and had even ceased being undead. I could feel it coming on, but there is nothing you can do. Just try to keep a steady tempo and not lose it.

Bonking is fun. Once in a great while. After you're recovered. Which I'm still not all there yet. Quiet. Your appendages go to jelly, for me my peripheral vision starts getting these swank disco type vertical flashes all around, (do the hustle!!!) and I know I'm really hosed when I want to cry. Weird, I know. I'm getting close to it when I start visualizing what I'm going to eat when I get home. That's bad.

So what happened? I didn't eat enough earlier in the day. It's that simple. So the three bowls of Frosted Flakes (which were great, by the way), several banannas, oj, water, a sausage mcmuffin with egg, a sausage and egg biscuit ( I was craving them, and they're good to eat in the morning before a ride.) and two sandwiches obviously weren't enough. Amazing. I eat in the realm of 5400 calories a day right now, and it's not enough...

Anyway, I was behind someone who must be in training for the title of World's Slowest Driver. What do I base this opinion on? Have I gathered vast empirical data, surveyed countless cars over a given route, had a psychic experience? No. A VW Squareback was pulling away from us. The station wagon version of the original Beetle was pulling away from us. From the taillights it looked to be a late 60's model, so it probably had about 50 horsepower. Folks, check the owner's manuals of your cars and see how much horsepower they have. God, even my 88 Saab 900s has 138. But I love them anyway, they're so weird looking. Or at least distinctive.

Bouncing back to my ride (sort of ((I'm really into parentheses tonight))) (HA!!!!!) I've ridden enough outside without tights to have some tan lines showing up on my legs. I'm only happy about this because everywhere I've worked there's always that one girl who lives to tan and likes to brag about how dark they are. So I'll wear shorts or something the day after they do it and laugh. Of course, don't life the shorts past mid thigh (weeeelllll, if you're cute an single you or you'll be blinded by the absence of color.

Women mystify me.

Stay well, good luck, and as we say in racing, keep the rubber side down. Hmmm.

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