Monday, February 27, 2006

Pics of my life, renderings of my future...

I got out of work early today, so I decided to go out, shoot pics, and share it with someone special. I intended to call at every location I stopped to shoot apic, but hey, this is rural NY. No service, even with cingular! Actually, I barely saw any other people. But I did see two seperate Red Tailed hawks. Ohhh, how I love birds of prey... Beauty is deadly...

My weekend was good, I won't drive you to jump off a bridge with details, just know that everything I've felt and thought was right, and has been reinforced.

So, I need to get on my bike tonight. Little hesitant, because that means I need a shower afterward, and my oil situation is dangerously low. And it's supposed to drop to 8 degrees. Joy. My housemate in her infinite wisdom never got oil delivered before she went to England over 2 weeks ago. Smart. And I have no contact info or account number, so I'm powerless. Well, we'll have a little talk when she gets back. Like how to effectively use a thermostat (not drop the temp to 58, then crank it to 70 when you get home, etc) so we'll be able to conserve some. I feel better now.

I feel my next post may include som eof the pics from today. It was cold but worth it. Stay tuned.

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