Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Remembering a friend

One More Time to Terp, I still miss you.
Things went awry on that ill fated night
A day later I sent your bags home
You were no longer alive
Your spirit free to roam
But when you left part of my heart was forever gone
A weekend a year to remember you by
But I would give anythingJust to see you one more time
I'll miss you courtside
Basketball just ain't the same
I know you're smiling
But I just want one more game
I held you as life drained from your eyes
Begging you to hold on to your life
I wish it was me, please know I tried
You've gotta know I think of you every day
Haunted by that night every night
You gave your life so I could have mine
But I would give anything God, just name it
To see you one more time
My dreams replay your final words
I followed through
I told your mom you loved her
I remember holding you together
While you softly cried
Blood brothers forever we joked
Then you shuddered and died
You've got to be enjoying your next life
That thought gives me peace in mine
I don't want to hear "the ultimate sacrifice"
It doesn't bring you back
Or make me sleep better at night
Someday, when I've given everything
I hope I'll see you one more time

Ok, I was in the Army for awhile. Many of my friends were killed or maimed. This guy was one of my three best friends from that time. Every now and then I think of him, and this is what I wrote. It's hard to describe how close we were in my unit, partially because we relied on each other so much, partially because it was my good fortune to be in the presence of such great men. I miss them dearly. I do what I do how I do it (with everything I've got) because I've been given the chance to live, and I don't want to waste it. I want to make them proud of me. I hope they are.


Lora said...

I can't even imagine...

Mike said...

Yeah, and be thankful you can't. I'm just so happy to have been friend swith those guys, though I hate Memeorial Day with a passion now.