Monday, February 13, 2006

I must be getting old....

I had a post, went downstairs to get my laundry out of the dryer, and now have forgotten what I was going to post. Go me at half speed. Being the geek I am, not only do I race bikes and take pictures, but I also love trains. Yup, those big, noisy monsters that startle people out of their sleep at night. Model ones, too.

So today I had designed this little world of my own to go along the wall above my tv in the den. I'm all excited, as I won't have to buy practically anything in terms of actual construction, and I have more trains than most hobby stores. So what happens tonight? I go on the Model Railroader website, and they announce for next month's issue that the feature article will be on a guy's layout that I've been dying to see. Go figure. So now, all work is on hold (I guess it isn't, since work never actually started...) until the next issue arrives at my favorite hobby shop, the Hurley Country Store. (Check their website, it's really a cool place. I worked there in the past.) My friends like to tease me and say I just like to buy trains and run them in my mind...

So my cats have two new cats to acclimate to, and though Lucy is a nice new friend, Barnaby isn't quite as easy going. At all. In fact, he thinks he's the alpha male. Well, he likes to pick on Sarah, which isn't a great idea, as she's about 20 pounds and will run at first, but it's all part of her plan. She'll stop and make a stand, and is quite vicious, too. Well, then there's Jasper, all 26 pounds of him. Yeah, he's quite the ginormo kitty. All muscle. Barnaby is probably in the 17 pound range. Well, he decided to show Jasper who's boss. Mind you, Jasper sent the chihuahua in the house down for an 8 count with one smack of his front paw while walking and didn't miss a step.

I'm sure you've figured out where this is headed. Barnaby was bothering Jasper, and he was nonplussed by it. Until Barnaby decided to smack Jasper. Jasper decided enough was enough and whopped Barnaby square on the nose and then sent him sliding across the living room floor. Jasper doesn't use his claws much, he prefers to box. Well, Barnaby steers clear of Jasper from that moment on. Until he was chasing Sarah and she turned to make a stand at my doorway. Barnaby was raising his paw when noticed Jasper had walked up to about 4 inches from him. Barnaby slowly put his paw down and walked away. It was priceless. Later Barnaby ran into Jasper and Jasper just backpawed him out of his way. I swear Jasper is part cougar. the funniest part of all this is now if BArnaby hears Jasper's name he goes running to his room. Pretty smart cat.

Ok, I don't let them fight. Usually a loud yell breaks it up, I'd hate to see Jasper pissed off. He's so nonchalant about it, he never hisses or lowers his ears.

look at that, a post. Amazing.


LostInTX said...

Sometimes I think my cats are really dumb.. I wonder if they even have a brain but other times they amaze me. They are strange creatures for sure.

I have a magnet on my fridge:
"You're nobody until you've been ignored by a cat."

Lora said...

Cat drama, they're so great. I'm actually jealous. While I grew up with cats, somewhere along the way I developed a strong allergy to them. After my baby making years are over, I WILL be getting a houshold full of kitties.

Trains. Something I never knew about you, I'm suprised, but then I'm not. Lyn use to be really into trains and had quite the collection before I met him, but now his focus is on RC planes.