Saturday, February 18, 2006

I asked you why you came and you said "just because" I guess I could do without it if I knew what it was...

Ok, so it's effin' cold up here again. With something like an absolute zero windchill. At least when I was stupid enough to go on a ride it was absolute zero for my body. My face froze in this scowl, so I had to pour my gatorade down my throat because I couldn't close my mouth... and eating a bananna was hysterical to watch, I'm sure. But I got home ok and it all turned out alright.

So while I was waiting to thaw, I called my Dad and asked him his thoughts on my latest car idea. Ok, I could hear him roll his eyes, but he did agree it wasn't that bad a plan. He just asked if I could slow down enough to afford the insurance. (I have no tickets, last one was 5/96, but I did send my Dad a pic I took last year on the Mass Pike and you can see the speedometer ((I was driving and taking a pic. Smart)) is at about 107 or something...) I said, "Well, yeah, I never got a ticket with my other 911 or the other cars, right? And with gas at $2.40 a gallon up her (and it's dropped quite a bit in the last 5 days) I can't afford to go fast and eat." We then discussed where to get it fixed, parts costs, how much I could do on my own as opposed to a shop, and after all was said he agreed with me. So I guess I'll keep an eye open for a good one around here, or more likely I'll buy one off my friend Brett.

Then my Dad asked if this meant I was blowing off finishing school, which I said no. It's true, I can't deal with not having some type of degree anymore. I've got so many credits from 3 different schools I should have 2 BS and be on my way to a MAster's. but I just never stayed in one place long enough. It's frustrating for me. I consider myself above average intelligence (feel free to agree or disagree in the comments section) and pretty well versed in many things, so you'd think I could just get this one thing out of the way.

So women mystify me. One I was talking to the other day said I lack commitment ability. Huh? What is that? I didn't even know there was such a thing. But if I lack it, how did I survive the Army, why do I thrash myself on my bike for over half my life so far, how did I learn the piano well enough to have my teacher say she couldn't teach me any more? I never cheated on anyone I've dated, I always have tried to keep my word, and if I can't, I let the effected party know asap. Where is this non commital thing? (Don't bring up not finishing school...) Or how about the one who wanted to go shopping with me for clothes? So we went, as friends since she has a boyfriend and I respect her too much as a friend to date her (if that makes any sense), and suddenly I have the plague or something. So I asked her what was wrong, she of course said "Nothing", and we still get along fine, but rarely talk. I understand maybe she had other ideas or something, but no way was I going to tread down that path. But I really don't know.

Fast forward to today. I'm on the phone with my ex, because I had gotten some things that I thought her mother would enjoy, and had some Girl Scout cookies for both her and my ex. My ex (Kat) is nice as can be to me, acting like we're best friends and suddenly she wants to go do stuff again. Wait a minute. After all the things she said and sent me in some emails and phone calls, and now we're supposed to be pals or something? Or the woman in the grocery store. I was shopping for yummy stuff to try a new recipe for veggies and a steak with a new marinade I invented. (Relax, it's not some crazy guy thing, I modified a Foodnetwork recipe) There was a woman who was struggling with her items. I offered to go get her a basket or cart, which I did get a cart. After loading her items into it for her, she thanked me and asked if I was single. I said yes, she said she was surprised. Ok, sure. I asked her if she'd like my phone number since I figured that would put the ball in her court if there even was a court. She said no, she doesn't date anyone from "this area". Wow. What does that mean? Like, a 200 mile radius, or a 6 block perimeter? How did she even know I was from here? I could have been passing through on my way to Moose Jaw, Yukon Territory or something. Hell, I was 25 miles from my house to start with.

So there are a few reasons why women mystify me. Maybe I'm off base, maybe I meet all the weird ones. You tell me. But-

Women mystify me.


LostInTX said...

We are indeed strange creatures but I ask you this - If your ex said things to you in emails and phone calls that apparently are still bothering her why would you call her to send things that her mom/or she would enjoy? I think that's weird, but that's just me. I mean if it's a fresh break up (like mine) I can semi-understand but after a while I feel like I need to cut my losses, especially if we exchange less than kind words. *Shrug*

I don't get the chick in the grocery store either.. no reason to ask if you are single if she's not interested. That was dumb on her part. Sorry about that...

And I totally understand you on the finishing school thing. Here I am (umpteen years later, we won't go into details) but I will finally graduate this year. It will feel so good and I'd like to get my master's but damn, I'm tired of going to school.

LostInTX said...

Oops..I mean to say if your ex said things that still bother you... damn cats.

Mike said...

It was a recent breakup and I had told her I was getting these things before we broke up. Again, I kept my word. Now that those issues have been resolved, I can cut all ties.

As for college, well I've got a brain, I just need to focus it. Congratulations on your impending graduation!